HOLME HERITAGE.....back in 2009, local resident, Alec Wild, observed that even with all its clubs, groups and societies, there was no documentation regarding the Heritage, History or Archaeology of Holme on Spalding Moor. After a discussion with another local resident, Gordon Hawcroft, they both decided to do something about it …..and so began their quest.

In April 2011, the LEADER Coast, Wolds, Waterways and Wetlands (CWWW) Rural Heritage Officer and the Holme Parish Council (PC) invited everyone to a community heritage event in the Methodist Church Hall. Following this event, the Heritage Officer also attended a PC meeting in July to talk about the plans for the future, including what residents at the event thought would be the most favourable heritage project in the village for us to support.

Alec and Gordon continued with their research and looking for grants and by May 2011, they were both Parish Councillors. Through their research, it became apparent that their project needed a constituted body to accept funding and so after discussions with the Clerk to the PC, it was agreed that the PC would look after any grants that were received and at the same time, the project would be managed by the HOSM Heritage Group, a steering group within the PC, comprising representatives of local community groups, the school and interested individuals.

The group agreed that the aims of the project would be to develop:

   * a digital community archive

   * a self-guided cycling/walking heritage trail

   * a village heritage booklet and

   * a long-term sustainable community heritage group.

and that the benefits of the project for the community would improve access to the collective heritage of the parish, a reconnecting of the village to its rural roots and an improved sense of local pride of place and that the archive would serve as an ongoing community heritage educational resource.


The Digital Archive would be a central store for photographic and other social history material donated by HOSM residents, including personal memories and experiences of living and working in this part of rural East Riding. It will also gather together material relating to the archaeological and historical features of the parish.

Heritage Trails and Leaflet

As well as acting as a long term ‘memory bank’ and educational resource, the aim of the archive is to serve as a central resource for the development of a heritage cycling/walking trail helping local residents and their families to safely explore the rich rural heritage of the parish. The trails would link together the important heritage sites and landscape features with a ‘simple to follow ‘self-guided trail supplemented by a colourful high quality leaflet.

Interpretation Board

The Village Green would host a double-sided “interpretation board” which will be the focal/starting point for the trails. This would hold information including a history ‘time line’ which would give residents and visitors an understanding of HOSM’s place in the development of the East Riding throughout history. A large scale map would place the village in the local group of villages, a parish map giving greater detail, including footpaths and cycle trails.

Heritage Booklet

The “Village Booklet“ would be a standalone but interactive account of the history of the parish compiled by the villagers themselves. Training of group members would be an important part of the project recognising the need to efficiently use the digital resource.


As an introduction to the Holme Heritage project and further consultation, an open event was held in our Village Hall on Saturday 17th March 2012, where a presentation took place, along with examples of archives, publications, information from around the East Riding and a display of historic photographs.

Our neighbours from Pocklington, Market Weighton, Howden and the Wallingfen Way (Newport and Gilberdyke) having already put in place excellent Heritage schemes that are great examples for us to aspire to and as such, exhibitors at the event also included; The 76 Squadron Association, Giant Bradley Way, Pocklington Canal Amenity Society, Pocklington Gateway Partnership, Visit Hull and East Yorkshire, Wallingfen Way and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Nature Triangle.



It is thanks to the tireless efforts of Holme Heritage, the informal working group; Karen Adams, Jayne Fisher, Carole Kean, Peter Hastings, Nick Evans and Katherine Whitworth, that they succeeded in most of their goals to date.

Holme Heritage continued to hammer out a plan and received funds from LEADER, WREN, Countryside Access ERYC and VHEY. Without the help of LEADER Officer, David Bull, WREN Officer, Penny Beaumont and Countryside Access ERYC Officer, Lesley Whitehead and Regional Manager, Andy Grey from VHEY, they would not have had the funding to see it through.

As a long-standing resident of Holme and an inspiration to all who know him, Mr Carey; bell ringer, ballroom dancer, golfer, long distance walker, union official and committed countryman, Holme Heritage invited him to “unveil” the Interpretation Board on Saturday 19th April 2014.

This board is seen to be regularly viewed by locals and visitors alike and continues to provide valuable information.

The equipment that was purchased from funding was used to set up the Local History Society, who are now responsible for the archive and the production of a history booklet.

The job of mapping and design needed to be of high quality and we chose Cityscape Maps.

Les Ball and his team patiently guided us through the process. They have vast experience, having mapped many cities and towns in Britain. These maps are central in our attempt to draw the interest of visitors and villagers, they are an open invitation and we wanted them to be beautiful. Detailed leaflets with artist maps and guides of the Heritage Trails are available for only 50p, from Cathy's Café (Holme Village Green), The Coffee Shop (in the Village Courtyard, off High St) and Katherine's Barbers (High St).


On Saturday 13th September 2014, the Holme Upon Spalding Moor Local History Society and other invited groups presented displays focusing on World War I, marking the 100th Anniversary.

The Holme Heritage displayed their work so far, further consulting with the villagers on projects that they would like pursued in continuing their work of access to the heritage of our Parish. Suggestions received at the consultation included; Panoramic Information Boards in suitable positions on Church Hill; Bar Code information posts around the Parish, particularly near significant features; Heritage Guided Walks; improved signposting of footpaths; naming of walks and collaboration projects with neighbouring Parishes ie The Pilgrim of Grace Project from Pocklington, Market Weighton Canal Project to rationalise the footpath connections, Land of Nod common land access improvement on associated projects and the Valley of the Ironmasters Centre/Information Panel.

2015, on Saturday 12th September, the Holme Upon Spalding Moor Local History Society hosted their event at the Social Club with; a Display of Holme School photos and scanning of old photos/documents to add to the digital archive; Archaeology Exhibition by Past Search and a display by the Potter Man.

On Sunday 13th September, the lovely medieval All Saints - Church on the Hill was open to the public. Visitors were able to look around the church, climb the tower to see the Saxon carving and view the exhibition of old parish magazines and photos of previous vicars as well as being served refreshments in the Bell Tower.

Holme Heritage attended the Church and with help from              Rev’d Stephen Cope and Paul Dorrington, also put up displays, these included:

   *Example of Heritage boards

   *Example additional footpath signage

   *Land of Nod historic documents

   *Footpath maps

   *Gallymoor maps

   *Pilgrimage of Grace Walks

A lively discussion was held with those who attended and suggestions were noted. Everyone agreed what a beautiful place Church Hill is and welcomed the panoramic board idea. All agreed we should take it to the next stage by getting formal permission for siting.

There was much discussion about the accessibility at Land of Nod, lost footpaths and suggestions for improvements to the amenity of the network including the lack of reinstatement of cross field paths.

Seating and small information boards were mentioned for Land of Nod, Bursea, Hasholme and the Rail Trail.

The poor state of the Stocks Hill path to the Church.

The confusing/missing signage of the network.

The lack of car parking space and the fact that the Church has no control over the car park. Purchasing the car park was mentioned.

The various examples of additional signage for footpath posts were welcomed. The signs on the hill had been upgraded on the day to view and received a good reception.


In August 2015, Holme Heritage became its own constituted body. Following on from their very first group meeting in August and the discussions and positive feedback received on both Heritage Open Days, the projects are:

Church Hill Panoramic Boards

Grant Applications

Land of Nod/MW Canal accessibility

Land of Nod Common Land Legal Status Review

Gallymoor access/safety/amenity improvements

Parish footpath review

Footpath signage augmentation

MW Canal Corridor Waterways Partnership Project

Walking Through History Feature Trail

Automatic leaflet dispenser

It is their belief that the Holme Heritage project has the chance to remind HOSM that it is beautiful with a lot to offer. It is a chance for HOSM to brush itself down, put its shoulders back, stand tall and remember what a great place it is and that it is our duty to protect it for future generations. This project will help this village regain its confidence.  t is all out there waiting for us......

They do intend to apply for funding from outside the village, ensuring positive benefits to the community. With so many more possibilities, they still need your views to help with the selections.

January 2018, the map/leaflet dispenser was finally installed at the  INTERPRETATION BOARD.  This was made possible by the grant from St Helens Farm, Seaton Ross and now completes the original Holme Heritage project .

If you would like to help Holme Heritage or for more information, please contact our

Chairperson, Gordon Hawcroft

Holme Lodge Farm

Howden Road

Holme on Spalding Moor


Email: gordonhawcroft@uwclub.net

Mobile: 07714 776841

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